Professional Marketing Courses – Which One to Choose?!

Hello & Hallo,

There is so much choice…but which course to go for?!?

One of the main things that I realised when seriously started looking into studying a professional marketing degree was how many different providers there are which all offer very different course. Who is the right one?!?!

Here are some of the providers that I looked at & some top-line information:

CIM – Cartered Instituted of Marketing

They offer various courses in marketing for which specific previous qualifications and set time in work are required. This limits the courses that one is able to attend. I could have done “Certificate in Professional Marketing”.

Time: not sure (ca. 12 month)

Cost: £2,222 – £5,192 (Online or face-to-face)


  • Internationally recognised
  • Online option & study-centres outside of London


  • Focus on traditional marketing; digital not covered a lot
  • Limited by their regulations as to courses that one can attend


CAM – Communication Advertising Marketing

The CAM had a Diploma in Digital Marketing ( It looks like this course covers all the basics but since I have been working in digital marketing for 3 years now this seems a bit too introductory.

Time: not sure (ca. 12 month)

Cost: from ca. £1,000 (online)


  • Part of / associated with CIM = benefit from reputation
  • Online study option


  • Digital marketing courses looks very introductory


Squared Online – Google Academy

I was not too interested in this as the course does not seem to cover digital marketing in a lot of detail. Also, being a Google course I thought it would be very much impacted by this and biased. I prefer studying a course provided by an independent supplier. However, being backed by Google will have many benefits – e.g. for search engine marketing & PPC.

Time: ca 5 month (6-8 hours per week)

Cost: £2,098.80 inc. VAT


  • Backed by Google = reputable
  • Many group projects – working with other will help see new viewpoints & learn from other course participants


  • Limited syllabus
  • Google backing could mean bias towards related subjects
  • London only


General Assembly

The General Assembly offers regular talks and courses on digital marketing and the digital industry in general in London which are often free to attend. Though I haven’t attended one of these talks yet they look very interesting. They also offer courses on various topics.

Time: 10 week / part-time

Cost: £2,800


  • Comprehensive syllabus
  • Central-London location


  • Newer organisation lacking recognition
  • London only


IDM – Institute of Direct & Digital Marketing

The Institute of Direct & Digital Marketing offers training & courses to marketing professionals. Their reputation is growing and you can now find job descriptions which ask for IDM as well as CIM qualifications.

Time: 9 month

Cost: £3,270 incl. VAT


  • Various course options to suite your needs – online, part-time (10 x evening sessions), intensive (2 x 3 full days), day release (6 x 1 full day)
  • Online marketing covered in great depth – 16 modules


  • No price difference between different course options – online in my opinion should be less expensive as you do not get the interaction with a lecturer


This is just a really brief introduction to some of the courses available. All the pros & cons are just my very personal opinion & this might be very different for you should you be interested in doing a course like this.

However, I know that I wish I would have found a top-line comparison of the main courses in digital marketing when I was doing research into what course to study to get an idea as to what options there are. I hope this is at least a little bit helpful!

Bye & Tschüss,

Marlene xxx

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