London in 2 1/2 Days

Hello & Hallo,

A few weeks ago my dad visited me in London for the very first time. Not just his first time visiting me in my new home but coming to London at all.

As he had never been to London we covered all the tourist attractions possible. But I also showed my dad what I love about London. He was only here from Thursday night to Sunday afternoon – a short stay! …I tried to cover as much of this amazing city as possible!

Day 1

The Morning at Borough Market: Borough Market has a great atmosphere & there is so much to see & smell. We spend a a while wondering around here taking it all in. This was the highlight for my dad!

St Pauls Cathedral: We didn’t go inside as the tickets are ridiculously expensive. However, just the sight of it from the street is a must!

Covent Garden & China Town: img_1014This area is so iconically London & Berlin does not have a China Town or a comparable district – I simply HAD to take my dad here!  We had a soup in one of the may restaurants & then went home after a long day of exploring the city.

The whole day & the whole time my dad was in London we used public transport – busses & tube. Public transport is so reliable & frequent AND much cheaper than a city tour bus. Also, the red London busses are so iconic that traveling on them really is part  of the tour.

Day 2

Buckingham Palace & The Changing of The Guards: We wanted to see the Changing of The Guards but this was a Saturday & it was INSANELY BUSY. We couldn’t see anything & abandoned this plan. However, it was great to see the palace & worth the trip. If you want to go maybe try a week day or be prepared to get there early & wait.

From there we walked through St James Park & looked at Westminster AbbyBig Ben. We just wondering through the park and taking in the sights was lovely. img_2048

From Westminster Pier we then took the boat or River Bus to Greenwich. No touristic Thames cruise is necessary! The river bus is really cheap – it only cost around £8 for a single ticket. It also takes you past all the big landmarks – St Pauls, London Bridge, The Tower of London, Canary Wharf.

Greenwich: I LOVE Greenwich. It’s doesn’t take long to get there but it almost feels like you traveled to a sleepy little village in the English country side. We had cream team (scone with jam & clotted cream or tea) & walked around the village. Later we had a cheeky afternoon pint in one of the many pubs to complete your very British excursion.

Day 3

Columbia Road Flower Market: This is an outdoor flower market in East London which is happening every Sundays. It is always busy & there is so much to take in – img_4414the beautiful flowers, the merchants shouting of the top of their lungs “Three for a Fiver” & East London hipsters for people watching. …also, somehow seeing people buy flowers & carrying them home somehow makes me happy.

Pub for Sunday Roast:
Is there anything more English than Sunday Roast in a pub?! It is so comforting. We shared a beef roast & that was more than enough for the both of us. Dad loved it…but how couldn’t you?!

Well, that is it – my very personal best of London itinerary! What do you think? Did I cover everything? What would you have included? …I am always on the look out for great things to do.

Bye & Tschüss

Marlene xxx

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