Berlin Yoga – A Snapshot

Hello & Hallo,

Travelling but don’t want to miss out on some time on the matt? Me neither! Thats why when I went home to Berlin I checked out some of the local yoga studios.

I visited Lagoa Yoga (, Spirit Yoga West & Spirit Yoga Mitte ( and Green Yoga (

This is OBVIOUSLY only a very small snapshot of Berlin yoga studios…there are as many as sand on the beach! Also, I only tried a few classes by a few teachers & my preference (strong vinyasa flow / ashtanga) is probably different from what you like. 

Yoga in Berlin - Yoga Studio Review, Lagoa Yoga, Spirit Yoga West & Mitte, Green Yoga

Yoga In Berlin

But still – here is my little Berlin Yoga Guide for you.

Lagoa Yoga

(Address: Uhlandstraße 20-25, 10623 Berlin; Neatest tube: Uhland Straβe)

Lagoa Yoga - Yoga Studio - Yoga Berlin - Yogas studio review

Lagoa Yoga Berlin

Located on the 3rd floor this studio is bright, airy & very spacious with 2 studio rooms – 1 for yoga & 1 for barre. The team is always very friendly. The yoga studio has beautiful wooden floors & is very large. I have only been here in the morning (weekdays & weekends) when it wasn’t too busy but I have heard that I can get VERY crowded in the evenings.

So far I attended classes lead by Holger & Mascha who were both fantastic. You can tell that they are confident teachers with plenty of experience. I especially loved Holger’s class. He is calm, kind & very aware – checking if people do to want to be touched or adjusted at the beginning of the class. His class was a very strong vinyasa flow – right down my street. 

I’ve come to Lagoa Yoga on several Berlin visits & will definitely be back for Holgers class next time!

  • Costs: 1st class = €9 ; Drop-in = €20 (Monday & Wednesday before 12:00pm: €10),
    • Hot tipp: They offer reduced prices for under 30s (and those who look it 😝) 
  • Facilities: Spacious changing rooms; 5 showers; Large lockers;  Sauna (incl. with class); Free tea
  • Accessibility: Lift to 3rd floor (wheelchair accessible) 
  • Language: Classes in German
  • Matts, blocks & straps provided
  • Other: Also offer Barre & Pilates classes

Verdict: Love this place! Definitely check out Holger & Mascha’s classes!


Spirit Yoga West

(Address: Goethestraße 2-3, 10623 Berlin; Neatest tube: Zoologischer Garten /  Ernst-Reuter-Platz)

Located in the courtyard off a side street by a post office this studio is a bit hidden. You are welcomed by very friendly receptionist where you check-in. The yoga studio is in a large room with lots of natural light & high ceilings- typical for Berlin.

Spirit Yoga West - Yoga Studio - Yoga Berlin - Yogas studio review

Spirit Yoga West – Yoga Studio

I attended 2x 9am classes taught buy Gaelle G & Christian J (both vinyasa flow level 1-2). Gaelle’s class was strong but gentle while Christian’s class was more intense & stronger. Both were very good classes & both teachers are noticeably very experienced. I preferred Christian but this is no reflection on Gaelle – just personal preference in style.

The 9am classes were surprisingly busy (does no-one work in Berlin?! 🤣) & I have heard that evening classes get INSANELY packed! 

  • Costs: 3 class intro offer = €25 (€30 incl. spa) ; Drop-In = €23 regular / €19 morning / €12 new teacher
  • Facilities: Spacious changing rooms; No showers in changing rooms; No lockers (can leave valuable at front desk);  Spa (additional charge); Free tea
  • Accessibility: About 10 steps to enter (not wheelchair accessible) 
  • Language: Classes in German
  • Matts, blocks & straps provided
  • Note: Bring cash! My Revolute card did not work here!

Verdict: Considering the high Drop-In prices I probably won’t be back. However, I’d do another class with Christian in a heartbeat!


Spirit Yoga Mitte

(Address: Rosenthaler Straße 36, 10178 Berlin; Neatest tube: Hackischer Markt)

Similarly hidden to the West studio here you have to go into the Hackischen Höfe & take the lift to the 3rd floor. Don’t worry – the studio is well sign-posted from street level & even I found my way! 

Spirit Yoga West - Yoga Studio - Yoga Berlin - Yogas studio review

Spirit Yoga Mitte – Yoga Studio

The front-desk team is very friendly & happy to show you around. The yoga studio is flooded with natural light with floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides of the room. The ceiling is panels in wood & a bit domed which gives the room a beautiful natural atmosphere. 

I went to the 1pm lunchtime class with Patricia Thielmann (who runs the Spirit Yoga teacher training). She is obviously very experiences but talks (a lot) though the sutures rather than demonstrating. This could be difficult for non-German speakers. The class was strong but quite calm.

The class was quite full for again & a friend said that evening classes get so crowded that they are just not fun anymore.  

  • Costs: (see above – Spirit Yoga West)
  • Facilities: Spacious changing rooms; 1 shower in changing rooms; Small lockers in changing rooms; Free tea; No spa
  • Accessibility: Lift to 3rd floor (wheelchair accessible) 
  • Language: Classes in German
  • Matts, blocks & straps provided – matts a bit slippery

Verdict: Solid class with a strong & experienced teacher. It was a bit to slow for me & I didn’t get the teacher (if you know what I mean). The studio is beautiful though!


Green Yoga

(Address: Hufelandstrasse 23, 10407 Berlin; Neatest tube: Alexander Platz)

A small studio in the backroom of a personal trainer shop / studio. The room where the yoga classes are held is very small & dominated by a large gong which is a nice feature. The rooms fits maybe 15 people. The yoga matts were played out already at the start of the class to maximise the space but weren’t ridiculously close together. 

Green Yoga - Yoga Studio - Yoga Berlin - Yogas studio review

Green Yoga studio – check out that gong!

I came for a 11am Sunday class which wasn’t full (only 4 ppl) – quite nice & intimate. The teacher decent but not exceptional – I think she was probably relatively newly qualified. The class was quite a gentle vinyasa flow with nice stretched & twists – just what I wanted on a Sunday morning!

  • Costs: Donation based (you pay what you thing the class was worth after)
    • 10% of all profits are donated to a anti-climate-change project in India – really nice touch!
  • Facilities: Small changing rooms; No showers; No lockers (studio locked during classes);  Accessibility: Ground floor level with 1 step to enter (not wheelchair accessible) 
  • Language: Teacher offered to hold classes in German or English 
  • Matts, blocks & straps provided – matts quite cheap & peal / leave crumbs

Verdict: Okay. Go if you stay in the area but I would not travel to far for it. 


I hope this was interesting. I will try to do move ‘reviews’ of yoga studios from now on!

Which are your favourite yoga studios in Berlin & London?! Tell me in the comments!


Marlene xxx

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