Restaurant Review: Madame Pigg (Dalston)

Hello & Hallo,

Dalston is a great area to come for food & drinks. It has always had a huge variety of cheap Turkish restaurants but over the last few years several new openings have made the area even more exciting.


Madame Pig – Menu & Bar

Madam Pigg ( – located in the Kingsland Road only a short walk from Dalston Junction Station – is one if the newer additions to the restaurant scene only having opened in November 2018. And this week FINALLY I managed to have dinner here!

One of my favourite thing about Madame Pigg – you can book! A rarity in the London restaurant scene. I hate that most places don’t take booking & are impossible to get in – so this is already a bonus 👍

The interior is really stylish but not so much so that it does not feel comfortable. It is clear that the people who started the restaurant invested money into it & care about the ambience as well as about the food.

The menu is fantastic for vegans with at least 1 starter & 1 main available at all time which is perfect! I am not 100% vegan (sometimes I have fish) but probably 95% of the time. The menu also gives details on which dishes are gluten-free, vegetarian or nut-free.

We ordered:

  • Starters:
    • Roasted Leeks, romesco, almonds (vg) – For me
    • Wild mussels, ginger garlic, chillie, coconut, kefire lime (gf)
    • Barbecued cos, garlic aioli, crispy capers (ve, gf) – to share with the mains
  • Mains:
    • Roast vegetables, white bean hummus, seeds, nuts (vg, gf) – For me
    • Masala best end lamb cutlets, bombay potatoes, raitta (gf.n)
  • To drink we share a bottle of red wine (I forgot which one 🙈).
Madame Pigg restaurant review

Starters: Leeks & Mussels

The leek started was delicious. They came with the romesco pepper dip / puree which was very tasty. I tried the broth that cam with the mussels which was amazing as well – it was fragrance with lemon grass as well which gave the classic of mussels in white wine a really interesting & modern twist.

I was a bit disappointed by my main. The white been hummus was good but in the end just hummus. The roast vegetables were 2 large piece of pumpkin, half a roast tomato & leek. Considering that I had the vegans tarter this made it a bit too similar & a larger variety of vegetables would have been great. Still tasty though.

restaurant review madame pigg dalston

Main: Roast vegetables on white bean hummus

The grilled cos lettuce was DELICIOUS! This was the star of the night for me! The person I had dinner with didn’t like it that much though – so seems to be a divisive dish.

The potatoes that came with the lamb main were super-nice – really crisp on the outside & soft on the inside. I tried a tiny bit of lamb but it was too lamb-y for my…will stick with my mainly vegan diet 😄

The meal was not cheap but also not mega expensive – veggie dishes are very fairly priced & as always you pay more for meet or fish. Not the kind of place to go on a Wednesday night when you are too lazy to cook but also not so pricy that is is special occasions only.

The service was very attentive but not over the top – just right!

Madame Pigg changes the menu regularly & I will be back once the vegan options have changed.

Bye & Tschüss,

Marlene xxx

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