Review: Tuesday Brunch at Greenberry (Primrose Hill, London)

Hello & Hallo,

This Tuesday I was off & lucky enough that a good friend of mine was also not working. The natural thought — yoga & brunch! She suggested yoga at triYoga Camden & Greenberry for brunch / lunch by Primrose Hill. I live East & almost never make it to that part of town so was totally up for it!

Greenberry is located a short walk from Primrose Hill and on this super-cute little hughstreet with loads of restaurants and a great second-hand charity shop — hello lululemon jacket for 80quid 😆! 

We hadn’t booked & were lucky to get a table — on early Tuesday afternoon! (Does no-one work these days 😝 ?!) This meant that it was really noisy which was a bit annoying. The menu is decent but not a lot of vegan stuff. 

I chose the golden saffron-quinoa porridge (LOVE porridge) with dates. The porridge was nice but too sweet for me. A few extra berries or fruits on top also would have been nice. 

IMG_3677Overall the cafe was nice but nothing special. …I won’t be making the journey again!

Bye & Tschüss,

Marlene xxx

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