Cafe Review: Brunch at Hara

Hello & Hallo,

As you might has guessed from my other pieces so far — I love breakfast & brunch An the other week I had brunch at a Hara London. Here is what I thought…

Hara is a relatively new cafe on Downham Road just a short walk from Haggerston Overground station. I used to live in the area and was intrigues when I saw this new cafe opened. 

Cafe Hara on Downham Road

Hara London

The cafe is small & independently owned which shows. A lot of love went into this place — from the menu to the decor with plants & the selling of locally sourced produce like Hackney honey. The atmosphere is very welcoming & there is generally a really nice buzz with people chatting, catching-up & working from the cafe. 

The offer breakfast, brunch & lunch (cooked dished & a variety of pastries) and coffees & teas, homemade kombucha to drink. You order & pay at the counter but the food & drinks are brought to you if you stay in. The menu changes weekly which they share on their Instagram — check it out 😊

All the food is vegetarian with many vegan options. Most of the food is also gluten-free promising food heaven. They generally have amazing porridges 🙃

Cafe Hara - Buckwheat crapes

Buckwheat crapes with blackberries, cashew cream & maple syrup

When I cam there was a bircher muesli on the menu. I was torn between this & buckwheat crape.  I when for the crape and THANK GOD for that! It was AMAZING & out f this world delicious! It was filled with cashew cream & topped with blackcurrant compote, apple syrup & caramelised nuts! OMG! 😋🤩

My verdict:

I have found my new favourite brunch place! I will be back SOON! If you are ever in the area — GO! And if not — Hara is definitely worth the trip! Prices are reasonable at around £6 for porridge and £7.50 for the crape I got. 

Where is YOUR favourite brunch spot?! Tell me in the comments! I am always looking for new places to try 😉

Bye & Tschüss,

Marlene xxx

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