Barre class at FLY LDN…channel your inner ballerina

Hello & Hallo,

I never wanted to be a ballerina as a girl — it wasn’t for me — but over the last few years I really got into barre workouts which are based on ballet-style movements…so maybe I do now 😆

A little while ago I tried out FLY LND — a relatively new boutique studio in the City of London. I did their barre class. Here are my thoughts…

Barre is very low impact, mainly using your body weight but sometimes also using props like light dumbbells, balls & elastic bands. You are barefoot, do squats & pulsing movements on flat feet as well as tiptoes. You generally work on the barre but some classes use it a lot less. It looks easy but it definitely IS NOT!


Barre at FLY LDN

FLY LDN Barre Studio

FLY LDN Barre Studio

FLY LDN offer only 45min barre classes but that really was enough for me. You have to book ahead
& it makes sense when you go. The studio was nice but relatively small & they fit as many people in as they can. The class was fully booked & they could not have fit any more in.

The class was though! We started with a warm-up on the barre but also used a ball (behind the knee & kicking this knee up while standing on the other = gluts ON FIRE🍑🔥) & resistance band. The instructor (Emily S) was attentive & nice.

By the end of the class the sweat was dripping of me on the floor 🥵 💦 — I defiantly had a good workout!

FLY LDN also offer pilates & yoga classes.


Would I go back?

Maybe. I have been to better barre classes but this was still very good. It is also not that close to work or home. I think the classes are not cheap but on ClassPass I might go again. 

Should you be in the area & have ClassPass try it out!


About FLY LDN Studio:

  • Cost: £20 per class. Intro offer = 1 class £10 OR 2 week £50. You can visit on your ClassPass membership.
  • Facilities: Changing rooms are really nice — rainfall showers (not a huge number but ok), Bamford shampoo, body wash & lotion, hair dryers & straighteners. There are lockers in the changing rooms to store valuables.
  • Accessibility: Not wheelchair accessible & not great for people with walking difficulties. Reception a few steps up & the toilets in the changing rooms are one step down. 
  • Other: Mats & all props are provided. They also have a small coffee shop.


What is you favourite workout? Have you tried barre? How was it?

Bye & Tschüss,

Marlene xxx

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