Reformer Pilates at Heartcore — Torture or Treat?

Hello & Hallo,

Heatcore Moorgate

Heatcore Moorgate

I like pilates but it is not my favourite class. I tend to find it a bit boring & not intense enough. But that is mat pilates! …what about its tougher sister: reformer pilates?!

I have tried this at several studios now & let me tell you: IT. IS. HARD.

I had the pleasure of doing reformer pilates at one of London’s top boutique gyms — Heartcore.

See what I think….

I went to Heartcore City — halfway between Moorgate & Bank Station. It is a bit tucked away down a side street in the basement. Be sure not to walk passed (I did the first time I went 😅).

Reform Pilates machine at Heartcore

This was my 3rd time here & I was still impressed. The studio is SO SMART! The interior is high quality & all the little touches (free towels & tea) go along way.

The reformer pilates studio is relatively big fitting around 20 people. The reformer machines are very new & in tip-top condition 🌟. I have been to other studios where the material was a bit grimy / ripped — none of that here! 

Heartcore’s main USP are their instructors. They are amazing! They don’t participate in the class & explain the moves walking through the room. They use stopwatches to time the exercises & the playlist are great (fun pop music). They ask for names &  remember the regulars.

The classes are 55 minutes long & are SO TOUGH! You get a full-body workout with moves focusing on core, legs & arms. Some moves have crazy names (mermaid anyone 🧜‍♀️?!) whilst others don’t make much sense the first time you do them. You probably get more out of the classes the more you go…

The clientele is quite exclusive which probably is due to the studio being right in the City & the prices being very expensive. 

Would I go back?

Not very often unfortunately. The studio is amazing & the classes out of this world fantastic BUT the prices are just prohibitively high!

I can’t & don’t want to pay upward for £25 for ONE class!!! …the times I’ve been I went with a friend who had a free guest pass & the other 2 times with a free class code for a launch event (VERY unusual). I might go for a treat every now & then!

About Heartcore Moorgate:

  • Cost: 1 class £27 (!!!); Intro offer – 3 classes £45 (valid for 2 weeks); They are not on ClassPass.
  • Facilities:  In the women’s changing rooms there are 6 showers, 2 toilets, plenty of hair dryers & straighteners. No lockers unfortunately but you can take your valuable into the course room.
  • Nice touches: In the waiting / reception area they offer Pukka teas (I love Pukka tea!). They also have hair ties in the changing rooms & tampons in the toilets. These little extras are what takes this from a nice to an excellent studio!
  • Accessibility: Not wheelchair friendly. The studio is down some stairs with no lift.
  • Other: The also offer yoga & barre classes (which I haven’t tried). They have several location across London — check out their website.


Do a couple of  ‘standard’ mat pilates before coming to Heartcore for reformer pilates. While the instructors are very attentive & helpful the class level is quite advanced. By getting some experience first you ensure you get the most out of Heartcore!

Lastly, answering the question “reformer pilates — torture or treat?” …well, pleasure & pain can be very closely linked sometimes. The classes are VERY HARD but also VERY GOOD. So for me it is both 😄

Have you tried reformer pilates before? Are there any other studios in London I should try?! Also, check out my post on Barre class at FLY LDN.

Bye & Tschüss,

Marlene xxx


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