YOGA at Down To Earth Islington

Hello & Hallo,

I have a gym membership (Nuffield Health) & am lucky because the yoga classes there are really good. However, it is nice to go to smaller studios for a more intimate vibe, different teachers & new sequences or poses 🧘

Down To Earth has 2 studios β€” Tufnell Park (North London near Hampstead Heath) and Islington. I visited the Islington studio for Vinyasa Flow L1-2 with Ashley Ahrens.

Read on for what I think of the studio & class…

Down To Earth offers predominantly yoga classes but also pilates. Yoga classes on offer include dynamic, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Hatha, restorative & even baby yoga. They also have 6 week beginners courses & meditation.


The Studio 

The Islington studio is located on Essex Road. The reception is ground floor level & there is a little shop which sells everything from books & insens to yoga mats & active wear. The studio is in the basement down some stairs & therefore not wheelchair accessible. 

They have one large bright studio in the basement which does have natural light. The wooden floor of the studio gives it a warm atmosphere. Also, on this cold autumn morning (7am class 😴 ouch) it was also a really pleasant temperature! As I arrived all the mats were already laid out which I like as it guarantees equal distance between people. They have all the props you need there β€” bricks, blocks, straps & blankets. 

The Class 

The Vinyasa Flow L1-2 class with Ashley was very good & quite advances. We started with sun salutations & worked our way through a lot of backbends which was the focus of the class. Ashley was very attentive & friendly. The structure of her class showed that practices a lot of Ashtanga which I do too & enjoyed. 

About For The Core

  • Cost: A drop-in class is Β£15 & also have an offer for new joiners. You can also book the studio through ClassPass β€” classes range between 4-8 credits.
  • Facilities: They have one shower but don’t offer towels (not unusual for small studios). There are 2 small cubicles for changing. There have lockers for your valuables.
  • Accessibility: Not wheelchair friendly due to the studio being in the basement. I do think that the teachers would be able & happy to teach people with mobility issues but be sure to call ahead & check.

My verdict / Would I go back:

The studio is nice & cosy with friendly staff & experienced teachers. I will definitely go back to try out other classes πŸ˜ƒ

CORRECTION: You can ask for towels 😊

Bye & TschΓΌss,

Marlene xxx

P.S.: If you want to see some of my other posts on gym classes check out the post on Reformer Pilates at Heartcore, Barre at FLY LDN or Bikram Yoga at Sadhana πŸ˜ƒ

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