My Very First Facial

Hello & Hallo,

Today I had my first facial ever. A girl has got to treat herself sometimes, am I right?!

I went to Cowshed in Shoreditch House and had a Speedy Facial which included cleansing, a peel, a mask and a hand massage. Extraction (or spot-squeezing) was unfortunately not included but would be in the full 1 hour facial. The Speedy Facial costs £45, a full facial would have been £75.

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Cowshed Shoreditch 

When I arrived at Cowshed I waited a while in the area where people have their manicures & pedicures. The have little televisions in front of every chair with headphones there playing episodes of “Sex & the City” – what else!

When my therapist called me we went downstairs to the treatment rooms for massages & facials. My Therapist was very friendly & throughout the treatment he explained what he was doing.

Before the facial I was asked to take of my top and lie under a towel in my bra. The reason for this is that the décolletage & neck are included in the whole treatment.

During the cleaning my face was steamed. The cleaning was very gentle & the steam not too hot. Once the mask was applied the steaming stopped. The mask tingled a bit – especially on my upper lip. While the mask was ‘doing its magic’ I got a lovely hand massage. This took about 10 minutes. At the end of the treatment eye cream, moisturiser & lip balm was applied.

One tip from me – If you want to get a facial DO NOT wash your hair before. Your hair will be put out of place by a hairband but some of the moisturiser might get onto the root. I washed mine in the morning and had to wash it again.

Overall, the experience was very pleasant. My sin felt softer, fresher & cleaner afterwards. However, I found it difficult to relax – but I always do! I am not sure if I would have another facial. I think you can pamper yourself at home with a bath and a mask and save some money. I am glad I did it but am frankly in no rush to repeat it.

Bye & Tschüss,


Kiss The Frog – Frog Prince Lipstick Review

Hello & Hallo,

Even if it feels much, much longer Christmas was only 2 weeks ago! How nice was this time of over-eating and seemingly never ending booze…and all those presents!!

My highlight was a little present I got – The Frog Prince lipstick by Lipstick Queen.

The lipstick is green BUT once you put it on the colour is a lovely sheer pink. The colour changes due to your skin temperature & pH value…so it is unique to every person using it. Even though this is probably more a gimmick than anything else but it’s fun! Also, the lipstick is really moisturising & the colour stays a really long time!

Frog PrinceFrog Prince-Lips

My verdict: I will buy it again once I have used this one up!

Bye & Tschüss,