London in 2 1/2 Days

Hello & Hallo,

A few weeks ago my dad visited me in London for the very first time. Not just his first time visiting me in my new home but coming to London at all.

As he had never been to London we covered all the tourist attractions possible. But I also showed my dad what I love about London. He was only here from Thursday night to Sunday afternoon – a short stay! …I tried to cover as much of this amazing city as possible!

Day 1

The Morning at Borough Market: Borough Market has a great atmosphere & there is so much to see & smell. We spend a a while wondering around here taking it all in. This was the highlight for my dad!

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I am a Student Again – IDM Digital Marketing Diploma

Hello & Hallo

Okay, so I haven’t written anything in a LONG TIME! Live has been busy and you know how that goes…anyway, here I am once again.

2016 has been a busy year which lots of change. I have changes jobs and am now working in-house at a British fashion brand as an affiliate executive. The job is crazy buys & fun & I have learned a lot. Now I have made a decision which is going to make me a whole lot busier over the next 6-9 month – I am going to study a marketing degree whilst working full-time!

I have been thinking about doing this for several years and felt that now is the time. I did my research and decided to go ahead with the IDM (Institute of Direct & Digital Marketing). I will be doing the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing ( The degree starts NEXT WEEK and will consist of 10 sessions, 2 assignments / essays during this time & 2 exams in June.

I hope to learn more about all sectors of digital marketing, maybe meet interesting people from the industry and support my career development.

I will be sharing information about the course as I go on and will also tell you more about why I chose the IDM over other providers soon.

Fingers crossed that it all goes well!

Bye & Tschüss,

Marlene xxx

My Very First Facial

Hello & Hallo,

Today I had my first facial ever. A girl has got to treat herself sometimes, am I right?!

I went to Cowshed in Shoreditch House and had a Speedy Facial which included cleansing, a peel, a mask and a hand massage. Extraction (or spot-squeezing) was unfortunately not included but would be in the full 1 hour facial. The Speedy Facial costs £45, a full facial would have been £75.

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Cowshed Shoreditch 

When I arrived at Cowshed I waited a while in the area where people have their manicures & pedicures. The have little televisions in front of every chair with headphones there playing episodes of “Sex & the City” – what else!

When my therapist called me we went downstairs to the treatment rooms for massages & facials. My Therapist was very friendly & throughout the treatment he explained what he was doing.

Before the facial I was asked to take of my top and lie under a towel in my bra. The reason for this is that the décolletage & neck are included in the whole treatment.

During the cleaning my face was steamed. The cleaning was very gentle & the steam not too hot. Once the mask was applied the steaming stopped. The mask tingled a bit – especially on my upper lip. While the mask was ‘doing its magic’ I got a lovely hand massage. This took about 10 minutes. At the end of the treatment eye cream, moisturiser & lip balm was applied.

One tip from me – If you want to get a facial DO NOT wash your hair before. Your hair will be put out of place by a hairband but some of the moisturiser might get onto the root. I washed mine in the morning and had to wash it again.

Overall, the experience was very pleasant. My sin felt softer, fresher & cleaner afterwards. However, I found it difficult to relax – but I always do! I am not sure if I would have another facial. I think you can pamper yourself at home with a bath and a mask and save some money. I am glad I did it but am frankly in no rush to repeat it.

Bye & Tschüss,


Restaurant review – The Smokehouse Islington

Hello & Hallo,

To celebrate my London anniversary on Friday I had dinner with a friend at the The Smokehouse Islington. You have to spoil yourself sometimes!

The Smokehouse Islington

The Smokehouse Islington

This restaurant has a lovely little garden with little fairy lights in the hedges…must be perfect in summer! The restaurant itself is centred around a bar and resembles with its dark wood panelled walls & wooden floor a country pub – very gemütlich (cosy)!

The service was very attentive and the waiter friendly and happy to offer advice. As a starter I had the chopped brisket roll & gochujang. For the main I ordered the short rib bourguignon  and I also ordered a side salad and some caramel roast potatoes. As a desert I ordered the banana French toast (recommended by the waiter).

The brisket roll was a bit like a beef croquette – melt in your mouth beef covered with a crispy I guess bread crumb batter. The gochujang was a spicy red pepper flavoured sauce which was a great addition to the beef.

The Smokehouse Islington - menu September 2015

The Smokehouse Islington – menu September 2015

The main was amazing! The beef shortrib almost fell of the bone and melted in your mouth. With the gravy and the masked potatoes this was perfect! The side salad was underwhelming and the design not great. The caramel roast potatoes were very crunchy and a bit too sweet for my taste but the name should have been an indicator for that.

The desert consisted of a not too sweet slice of French toast, a scope of ice-cream (coffee I think), a caramelised banana and caramelised pecan nuts. It nice was overall too heavy after the starter and the main. Next time I think I would get the Raspberry & hazelnut semifreddo or the Smoked strawberries with cream cheese mousse which were also on the menu.

The menu is very beef & pork focused and not the best place for a vegetarian (even though there are a few vegetarian options). The food was good but a bit heavy. I felt absolutely stuffed until the next evening.

Overall, the evening was very nice! The outside space must be fantastic in summer. I would definitely come back for the main but would choose a different dessert next time. …it is always good to have a reason to return!

Bye & Tschüss,


P.S.: If you want to go book a table! The place gets quite busy.

Anniversary / Jahrestag

Hello & Hallo,

3 years ago TODAY I moved to London! It is crazy how fast time goes by and the last 3 years feel long & short at once. Short because it passed so quickly & long because so much has happened – I graduated and got my MA in Media & Communications (the reason I moved here in the 1st place), I got a job & changed jobs and I moved.

This year my anniversary or Jahrestag in German feels different…as if it has got more weight & importance attached to it. I tried to pin down the reason for this and I think I now know why.

This year – now – London actually feels like home! I am not just staying here for a bit. I am living here and will continue to live & build a live here. I am here to stay & I am happy about this!

Bring on the next 3 years!

Bye & Tschüss,


Hello & Hallo!

This is it! I have finally manage to a) get a blog & b) write my first ever post! Yay!

MeI am Marlene – Berliner by birth & Londoner by choice. I love Berlin and it is where I have my roots. I moved to London in September 2011 and this amazing city is now my 2nd home. So the name “LondonBerlin” feels appropriate for this blog.

This blog will be about my live and anything & everything I care and think about – what I do, what I want to do & what I have done in the past. I will write about what I cook (I love to cook), what I do on a weekend or holiday, what I like (fashion / beauty / films / book / etc) and what I plan for my future.

I am looking forward to starting this journey and to some of you join me.

Bye & Tschüss,