Restaurant Review: Taco Tuesday at Malibu Kitchen (London)

Tacos anyone?! Yes!? 🙋 I thought so! Mexican food (or Mexican-ish) is SOOO DELICIOUS & quite healthy most of the time…or at least I tell myself this 😆!

So Taco Tuesday was the perfect excuse to give Malibu Kitchen at The Ned in London a go!

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Review: Tuesday Brunch at Greenberry (Primrose Hill, London)

Hello & Hallo,

This Tuesday I was off & lucky enough that a good friend of mine was also not working. The natural thought — yoga & brunch! She suggested yoga at triYoga Camden & Greenberry for brunch / lunch by Primrose Hill. I live East & almost never make it to that part of town so was totally up for it!

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London in 2 1/2 Days

Hello & Hallo,

A few weeks ago my dad visited me in London for the very first time. Not just his first time visiting me in my new home but coming to London at all.

As he had never been to London we covered all the tourist attractions possible. But I also showed my dad what I love about London. He was only here from Thursday night to Sunday afternoon – a short stay! …I tried to cover as much of this amazing city as possible!

Day 1

The Morning at Borough Market: Borough Market has a great atmosphere & there is so much to see & smell. We spend a a while wondering around here taking it all in. This was the highlight for my dad!

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Anniversary / Jahrestag

Hello & Hallo,

3 years ago TODAY I moved to London! It is crazy how fast time goes by and the last 3 years feel long & short at once. Short because it passed so quickly & long because so much has happened – I graduated and got my MA in Media & Communications (the reason I moved here in the 1st place), I got a job & changed jobs and I moved.

This year my anniversary or Jahrestag in German feels different…as if it has got more weight & importance attached to it. I tried to pin down the reason for this and I think I now know why.

This year – now – London actually feels like home! I am not just staying here for a bit. I am living here and will continue to live & build a live here. I am here to stay & I am happy about this!

Bring on the next 3 years!

Bye & Tschüss,